[IN STOCK] ReadyRockDee - Warside (Deluxe)

[IN STOCK] ReadyRockDee - Warside (Deluxe)

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Mock up

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Side A
1. ReadyRockDee - Warside (Prod. Boger)
2. ReadyRockDee - Streets Chose Me (Prod. Stigs)
3. ReadyRockDee - Trapping on the Go (Prod. Stigs)
4. ReadyRockDee - Payback (Prod. Stigs)
5. ReadyRockDee - Dope Vibe (Prod. Stigs)
6. ReadyRockDee - Love with a Hitta (Prod. Tu$hay)
7. ReadyRockDee - Holy Flow (Prod. Stigs)
8. ReadyRockDee Feat. Jae Skeese - Man of Honor (Prod. Stigs)

Side B
9. ReadyRockDee Feat. Mark Battles - Set The Tone (Prod. Boger)
10. ReadyRockDee - Mamba Out (Prod. Tu$hay)
11. ReadyRockDee & Yazee - Abracadabra (Prod. Yazee)
12. ReadyRockDee Feat. Daniel Son - Fine China (Prod. Jo Milz)
13. ReadyRockDee - The Big Ticket (Prod. Sincere Noble)
14. ReadyRockDee - Mulford Flow (Prod. 1450 Ent.)
15. ReadyRockDee - The Bad Guy (Prod. 1450 Ent.)

Limited to 40 tapes ...

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